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About Us


   Shanghai Hobor Chemical Co.,Ltd is a production-oriented enterprise dedicated to pharmaceutical intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients synthesis and process development,Hobor Chemical has been committed to expedite our customer's R&D and manufacturing in a time and cost effective manner since 2010 the company started.We focus on developing efficient process technology for intermediates,active ingredients.

    Our R&D lab located in Hi-Tech Park of Songjiang,Shanghai,China,employees experienced chemical and pharmaceutical R&D team and equipped with the art instruments.At the same time, we have to establish process and production plant in shandong Province, can be stable for customers to complete kilograms to industrial production ton class.

   Our products are strictly controlled by the LC, NMR,MS ensure customer satisfaction with every batch of products. We have established very good relationship with many global customers since company started.

Hobor chemical specialize in piperidine derivate,pyrrolidine derivate,piperize derivate,oxazole derivate compounds.


Custom Synthesis Service


  As a innovative research company and  intermediates supplier, we are eager to become your professional partner in the following fields:

1. custom synthesis,scale up and manufacturing

2. APi and building block synthesis,impurities separated and identified.

3. Cost effective process for pharma intermediates


  We able to follow an entire project, from laboratory to pilot production.


  QA manager is always involved in working together with our marketing colleage to identify suitable supplier, ensure the quality of products, and control the risks in supply chain.


  Any requirements please mail to:


Some we be expert in the following series Custom Synthesis 

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