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Quintiles Approves AMC Health Telemonitoring Services for Pharmaceutical Trials
2013-09-09 05:31:00

AMC Health, a provider of telemonitoring technologies and services, has been awarded Silver vendor accreditation for pharmaceutical trials by Quintiles, the world's largest contract research organization. During the audit, no areas for improvement were identified. Silver is the highest status that Quintiles awards to new vendors.

To arrive at the accreditation, Quintiles conducted a qualification assessment of AMC Health as a provider of telemonitoring services under Quintiles' Vendor Management program, following guidelines of the International Conference on Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Registration of Pharmaceuticals for Human Use. In addition to general best practices, the accreditation process assesses data security and reliability from its initial point of collection through upload, display, delivery to other data systems and short- and long-term storage.

"This is an exciting milestone for AMC Health," said Nesim Bildirici, AMC Health's founder, president and CEO. "Attaining Silver vendor status is a testament to our ongoing commitment to quality and to helping healthcare organizations improve their outcomes through the use of evolving technology and complementary support services. Our telehealth solutions enable researchers, clinicians and their organizations to meet the CMS Triple Aim of better care, better health and lower cost. By extending our services from clinical care to clinical trials, we can dramatically reduce the cost and increase the quality of data collection in drug trials. Imagine the savings if patients in a pharmaceutical study could monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, weight and an array of other factors in their homes, instead of travelling to a clinic throughout the trial. Data collected in real-time is also more representative than readings taken in a clinic."

AMC Health is a telehealth technology integrator. The company's care coordination platform employs technology that can generate, extract and communicate data from the patient's home, and make that information available to clinicians and researchers in real-time via the Internet. This is critical to improve outcomes for patients with chronic conditions and other high-risk patients by providing timely and in-depth clinical decision support data, reduce emergency department use, decrease hospital admissions and readmissions, improve HEDIS scores and facilitate the transition of care from the hospital setting to home. In clinical trials, these technologies will reduce the burden of volunteers, reduce the ballooning cost of trials that keeps many potentially useful drugs from ever reaching the market and increase the quality of the scientific data collected.

About AMC Health
With headquarters in New York City, AMC Health is a provider of telehealth solutions that provide customized, scalable, cost-effective programs that assist organizations serving at-risk populations. A proven combination of technology and end-to-end support services enables safe, dependable monitoring at home and identifies potential problems that require intervention to avoid serious complications. AMC Health's remote patient monitoring programs deliver clinically actionable information that enhances care coordination, improves patient outcomes and reduces the overall cost of healthcare. For more information, visit www.amchealth.com.

About Quintiles
Quintiles is a provider of biopharmaceutical services. With a network of more than 27,000 professionals working in more than 80 countries, Quintiles has helped develop or commercialize all of the top 50 best-selling drugs on the market. With extensive therapeutic, scientific and analytics expertise, Quintiles helps biopharmaceutical and health sciences customers navigate the increasingly complex landscape with more predictability to enable better outcomes.

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